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A Trusted Appliance Dealer in Kingston

Rave Reviews From Our Customers

Received Kind Help During the Pandemic

“My daughter had an issue with a used dryer that came with the house she purchased. We stopped in with make and model number in the middle of the pandemic and Gary kindly gave us advice and a used, free part to try! We were very appreciative. He knew the dryer and the cause of the issue without even seeing it. We left him a gift as a show of appreciation.”

- Heather W -

Dependable Appliances Kingston is your source for money-saving deals with knowledgeable and friendly staff ready to help you at every step of the way. As a trusted appliance dealer in Kingston, we offer wallet-friendly solutions to our customers searching for new appliances, used appliances, fully rebuilt appliances, new and used parts, or repair services. We don’t just call ourselves dependable but actually live up to our name by providing our valued clients with durable and top-quality products and services. From buying appliances for your first apartment or retirement retreat to finding a discontinued appliance part, you can always depend on us for all your appliance needs. Even if you can’t find a part anywhere, we will locate it and get it delivered to you directly from the manufacturer.


We are committed to making our customers feel good about choosing Dependable Appliances Kingston. In addition to amazing prices, we also offer competitive warranties on new and used parts as well as appliances.


The safety of our staff and clients is paramount. For this reason, we are continuing to serve you in compliance with proper safety guidelines. We are providing consultation and advice over the phone and are also welcoming clients to our store by appointment only. Call us today for all your appliance needs!

Other Man’s Trash Became a Treasure for Tom and a Business Idea

Tom Hinchey, who now successfully owns and operates Dependable Appliances Kingston, always had a knack for fixing things. So when he moved to a new house and had to stretch money to meet his appliance needs, he decided to buy used appliances, which he repaired and got them working like new again. While solving this puzzle of fixing things and saving money, he untangled a great business idea. Read all about Tom’s exciting business journey in Kingston’s popular Neighbours magazine.

Owner photo at the shop

Photo Credit: Bryce Murdock Photography

A women employee of the Dependable Appliance

Photo Credit: Bryce Murdock Photography

Repair or Discard - It’s Not Just a Choice but a Responsibility

We live in a use-and-throw society. The moment the value of an appliance is compromised, the temptation of replacing it with a new one gets hard to resist. What we don’t realize is that by throwing away a repairable or retrievable appliance, we increase carbon footprint. Many of such items only need repair work to get restored to their original performance. Check out this Focus Kingston’s Carbon and the City feature. It presents an interview with our owner, Tom Hinchey, wherein he shares his views on making eco-friendly decisions.

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